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Customer Service Comes First

For close to 30 years Interad has been helping Canadian business compete locally and globally

Interad was founded in 1989 as a family run, privately owned Canadian distributor of Imaging Consumables and Digital Storage Media as well as printers and accessories. From small beginnings Interad has grown over the years to become one of Canada’s leading wholesalers of OEM consumables and the largest independent Canadian owned wholesaler in the channel. In 2015 Interad added LED lighting products and accessories to its product mix and in 2017 was designated the Master Agent for Illuminex branded LED products across Canada.

Interad is now proud to service both the IT reseller, Office Supply,  VAR,  and retailer channel as well as the Electrical and Lighting Supply Distribution and Lighting Retrofit channel.

In the IT sector we are top tier wholesalers for manufacturers such as HP, Lexmark, Brother, Canon, Fuji, Samsung, Okidata and others.

In the LED sector we offer the full range of Illuminex branded products and deal only with a short list of carefully selected and constantly monitored factories who build the product on spec. We oversee all aspect of the brand management , participating in vendor and product selection and dealing with QC process at the factory level, forecasting and supply chain management. We have a proven track record in IT of managing inventory to meet market demand and have rapidly expanded our LED inventory depth and breadth to meet the same demands in the Lighting channel.

Our strength is our people and our success is our customer base. We have a long track record of attracting and retaining skilled and enthusiastic employees and providing an environment that nurtures growth and personal achievement. The culture is customer driven and customer facing. Our focus is on you, the client. The result is extremely low employee turnover and incredible customer retention. This stability has given us the privilege and opportunity to build on relationships and to understand our customer’s unique business models, challenges and needs.

We are not and will never be the largest or carry the broadest selection of products nor will we sell to everybody. There are companies who are suited and excel at the scatter gun approach. Interad prefers to focus on where we excel and bring value. Ours is more of a targeted sniper approach and we engage in opportunities and with customers where the mutual value proposition is strong and evident.

Our objective is to be engaged with your company and your team, to understand your needs and to be a part of your success. We cannot be something to everybody but we aspire to be quite a lot to a specific subset of the reseller community. If you are seeking a straight forward, channel conscious, focused supplier who will only promise what they can deliver and then deliver on their promise then chances are we are a very good fit for each other.

We have a very strong logistics backbone, supply chain and inventory management is one of our great assets and we ship and deliver rapidly and accurately. Our size means we can offer the advantages of volume pricing as we purchase at Tier One pricing levels but we are small enough to be flexible to your individual needs and to custom tailor our service where required.

As our motto states… Our Focus is You.